At the LGS, our main emphasis is on the areas of adventure and outdoor activities. We offer the youngsters an alternative to their everyday lives and school hours, as well as trying to ignite their discovery spirit. That is why we offer as many of our activities as possible outdoors.

Creative, innovative, diverse

Through a range of diverse activities, we offer young people a place where they can explore and try out new things. Inspired by the principle of “learning by doing”, the youngsters get the possibility to creatively and autonomously participate in the organisation and execution of their own programme.


The main focal points of our activities are personal challenges and fun. Thereby, we enable each and everyone to acquire new skills, to determine and develop their strengths and weaknesses and, hence, to grow and develop themselves.


As a crucial part of the Guide and Scout movement, represented all over the world, the LGS offer the possibility to create new trans-border, unprejudiced friendships, all around the world. Moreover, LGS encourages our young members to get engaged in different countries, in order to carry out selected projects in collaboration with local youth, thus engaging in the creation of ONE World.